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Video Categories

Guide for All Members

This category includes topics that should be useful to all organization members. It covers the basic usage of the system and summaries of the features. Image handling and management functions are discussed in different categories.

Images, Galleries, and Competion Submissions

These topics are intended for everybody and include how to upload and submit images to competitions and create galleries.

Managing Competitions

These topics are intended for Competition Managers.

Competitions: Initial Setup

This video provides a general discussion about how to setup your competitions for the first time. It discusses the overall architecture of the Visual Pursuits system for managing competitions.
Duration: 00:08:58

Annual Competitions

This topic demonstrates how to setup annual competitions and import images from other competitions.
Duration: 00:07:22

Awards and Award Sets

This demonstrates how to configure and use Awards and Award Sets with Visual Pursuits websites and the Image Competition Manager program.
Duration: 00:10:22

Category Competitions

Category Competitions allow users to enter images in each competition level (category) of a competition for specialized competitions. This should not be used for normal competitions.
Duration: 00:06:09

Competition Groups

This demonstrates how any why you should configure your Competition Groups.
Duration: 00:07:36

Competition Levels

This demonstrates how to import or create Competition Levels for different membership proficiency levels.
Duration: 00:02:53

Competition Types

You are likely to have multiple types of competitions. This topic demonstrates how to create the defaults used for your competitions.
Duration: 00:04:48

Image Competition Manager (ICM)

This utility is used by Competition Managers to display and judge competitions while disconnected from the Internet. Data are images are synchronized with the website.

ICM Installation and Initial Setup

This video shows how to install the Image Competition Manager (ICM) program on your computer and perform the initial setup operations.
Duration: 00:05:27

ICM Advanced Judging

This video demonstrates judging an image sequence, hiding images while judging, and disqualifying images.
Duration: 00:07:21

ICM Advanced Options

This video covers the advanced and miscellaneous features of the Image Competition Manager program.
Duration: 00:10:02

ICM Critique and Show Images

This video describes how to use the Show feature to display images with the Image Competition Manager. This is done for critiquing images and for displaying competition winning images.
Duration: 00:05:12

ICM Dual Screen Mode

This video explains how to use two screens for displaying a show and for judging. It explains how to set color profiles for projection.
Duration: 00:06:38

ICM Exporting Images and Competition Data

You can easily export competition data and competition images using the Import/Export tab.
Duration: 00:03:46

ICM Importing Images

This demonstrates how to import images directly into the Image Competition Manager from your file system. You can also catalog print images and import images from an image library.
Duration: 00:11:38

ICM Judging Images

This demonstrates how to score images and assign awards using the Image Competition Manager program.
Duration: 00:05:20

ICM Ordering Images

This video demonstrates how to sort or manually order images.
Duration: 00:03:55

ICM Styles for Shows and Judging

This demonstrates the different settings available for Styles used for showing or judging images. You can create your own custom displays using Styles.
Duration: 00:14:30

Multi-Competition and Multi-Level Awards

This video shows how to configure awards sets for multi-level and multi-competition awards and how those awards are assigned using the Image Competition Manager (ICM) program.
Duration: 00:06:33

Print Competitions

This topic provides suggestions for handling print competitions.
Duration: 00:06:38

Submit Images to another Organization using a Free Account

An organization that is a guest member of a larger organization can submit images to the hosting organization competitions using the methods described in this video. A Free Visual Pursuits account can be used for this purpose.
Duration: 00:08:12

Submitting Images to another Organization from Competitions

This demonstrates how to submit images from your organization's competitions directly into a parent organization's competition or a competition where you are identified as a guest organization. The hosting organization may be a council or any other type of organization that accepts submissions from another organization.
Duration: 00:06:28

Upload Member Images into Competitions

Competition Managers can upload images from other authors directly into competitions hosted by the organization or a parent organization. This video demonstrates how this is done.
Duration: 00:06:46

Website Judging

These topics are intended for judges and Competition Managers.

Website and Membership Administration

These are topics for the website Administrators, Membership Managers, and Content Managers.

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