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Video Categories

Introduction, Concepts, and Basic Information

These videos provide an overview of the Visual Pursuits service and the Image Competition Manager program. The "concepts" video is important for everyone. This also covers creating an account, logging in, and password resets.

General Photography

These are tips that could be helpful to all photographers.

Image Competition Manager (ICM)

This utility is used by Competition Managers to display and judge competitions while disconnected from the Internet. Data are images are synchronized with the website.

Images, Galleries, and Competion Submissions

These topics are intended for everybody and include how to upload and submit images to competitions and create galleries.


This topic shows how to place your images into a Gallery that can be viewed in the member's gallery or on the home page. Images can be added from libraries, uploaded, or added from competitions. Content Managers can approve and manage galleries.
Duration: 00:16:59

Image Library

All images you upload go into your "Image Library". This topic demonstrates how to use the Image Library features.
Duration: 00:04:42

Image Sequences

An Image Sequence is 2 or more images that are linked together and treated as a single image in galleries and competitions.
Duration: 00:06:29

Upload to a Category Competition

Category Competitions allow users to submit images to multiple levels or categories within the same competition. This is most often used for a "Mystery Field Trip" where photographers must submit images in each of a number of different subject types.
Duration: 00:04:42

Uploading Images

This demonstrates methods that can be used to upload images into your Image Library, Competitions, and Galleries.
Duration: 00:11:08

Judging Competitions from Your Website

These topics are intended for judges and Competition Managers.

Managing Competitions

These topics are intended for Competition Managers.

Website and Membership Administration

These are topics for the website Administrators, Membership Managers, and Content Managers.

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