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Video Categories

Guide for All Members

This category includes topics that should be useful to all organization members. It covers the basic usage of the system and summaries of the features. Image handling and management functions are discussed in different categories.

Images, Galleries, and Competion Submissions

These topics are intended for everybody and include how to upload and submit images to competitions and create galleries.

Managing Competitions

These topics are intended for Competition Managers.

Website Judging

These topics are intended for judges and Competition Managers.

Competition Voting Setup

Members or the public can vote on competitions images to rate them or to select "People's Choice" awards. There are several voting options to meet your needs. This video demonstrates how to setup and use competition voting.
Duration: 00:07:36

How to Judge using the Website

This topic is intended for judges that will be using the website to judge a competition.
Duration: 00:10:50

Managing Website Judging

This topic helps Competition Managers define and manage the judging process when it is conducted using the website judging feature available to premium subscribers.
Duration: 00:14:20

Website Critiquing of Images

This video demonstrates how to critique images in the website judging module, view the critiques with the Image Competition Manager, and allow the author to view the critiques on the website.
Duration: 00:04:55

Website and Membership Administration

These are topics for the website Administrators, Membership Managers, and Content Managers.

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